69 Lessons For Sebastian Roth

 Teaser for a new chapter of my long abandoned story... things have changed quite a bit:
He’s been here a long time and things had changed, Sebastian is now twenty two, or he appears to be. He’s gained a few inches of height, standing an imposing six foot two bare foot, and his features have lost some of their softness while losing none of their beauty, he’s angular, fine boned, sharp jaw and cheekbones, full lipped mouth, and he’s grown his glossy jet black hair long so that now it falls gleaming just past his waist. He’s still lean and androgynous, lips painted scarlet, eyes rimmed dark. But the most miraculous is the change in his demeanor, his previous self seems faded, a dream. Gone is the haunted look in his eyes, gone is his unsureness, he’s a phoenix up from the ashes. His bearing is elegant as he strides down the hall to his lover’s chamber, dressed in stiletto heels and a blood red corset, bustle and minuscule lace underwear, stockings and garters, stiletto heels and his hair curled and half up, adorned with an ostrich plume and flowers. Jareth is waiting, clad similarly, but in black rather than red, a miniature top hat perched on his elegant head, long black gloves and a riding crop in one hand.

Sebastian to the door, leaning seductively in its frame so that when it opens, Jareth has to collect himself for a moment, but he manages, despite the too beautiful for words man standing before him.

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Over 60 characters! Femmeslash membership now open!

Characters Needed:
A Skylit Drive minus Nick, Cory, Kyle, & Joey
BlessTheFall minus Mike, Eric & Matt
All Time Low minus Alex & Jack
Angels and Airwaves minus Matt & Tom
Empires minus Tom & Sean
From First to Last minus Matt & Chris
We the Kings minus Hunter & Travis
+44 minus Mark
The Cab minus Alex M.
All American Rejects minus Tyson
Bring Me the Horizon minus Curtis
Cute Is What We Aim For minus Shaant
Dir En Grey minus Kyo
Escape the Fate minus Craig
Gym Class Heroes minus Travis
Kisschasy minus Darren
The Let's Go Out Tonites minus Butch
Lydia minus Mindy
The Maine minus John
OK Go minus Damian
Paramore minus Taylor
The Secret Handshake minus Luis
Taking Back Sunday minus Adam
This Providence minus David
Watch Out! Theres Ghosts minus Jordan
Chiz & William from The Academy Is...
Hunter & Davey from AFI
M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold
Ryland & Vicky from Cobra Starship
Andy & Joe from Fall Out Boy
Mikey from My Chemical Romance
Dan & Quinn from The Used
as well as just about any other band you can think of...

Wanted characters: Midtown, AFI affiliated people (Smith Puget, etc), and more 'entourage' (friends of bands) characters.

Taken Characters List

Also, original characters are allowed as long as they have a job (roadie, sound tech, merch guy, etc), as well as friends of the bands (real friends). Be creative, you could even be a reporter for Fuse, a VJ, whatever you want, the sky’s the limit. Any band can participate, the RP is a tour RP but it isn’t strictly based on Warped.

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I know this place has been dead lately, but OH MY GOD! He's cute, he's gay, he looks like a young Iggy Pop and wears gold pants while singing about being beaten up in grade school. So, yeah I quite like this fellow, I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan musically, but the lyrics are fun, and he's fun.

Welcome to Leto's! (RPG advertisement)

Welcome to Leto's, a popular and fashionable restaurant and nightclub on the fringes of Central Park in New York City. Established in 2005 by young up-and-comer Jared Leto, Leto's has become one of the hottest spots in New York City nightlife.

Leto's features a four-star formal restaurant on the ground floor, with a lively nightclub on the second floor. The basement holds a strip club, its existence spread by word-of-mouth and its membership exclusive. Both the nightclub and the strip club hold fully-licensed and knowledgeable bartenders, with every drink imaginable at their fingertips. Plans for an attached luxury hotel are underway.

Leto's is NOW HIRING for every position available. These include:

and Dancers!

(If you would like to apply for another job that is not listed here, then feel free to put that on your application!)

The following characters are also needed:

Quinn Allman
Jeph Howard
Dan Whitesides

Ray Toro

Spencer Smith
Ryan Ross
Brendon Urie

Matt Good
Travis Richter

All members available!

All members available!

plus anyone else you can think of! They can be actors, singers, models, or whatever you can think of! Original Male Characters are also welcome!


Any questions or concerns? Please contact the owner via AIM at balancelibertine or the co-mod at LetoMyEggo. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Mod Post: News, Themes, Possible Other New Stuff!

So, we have a new affiliate, and I have some new stuff for us to do.

I'm planning to compile a recs list... anyone who wants to add to this list should comment here or email me with suggestions.

My other idea is to have a featured author/artist every month, suggestions for this honor are welcome too, they with be given a banner in honor of their... glitter trashiness... and get a spot on the profile for a month (yes, yes, how glamorous, I know)

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