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The Glitter Trash Slash Co-op
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69 Lessons For Sebastian Roth 
10th-Mar-2011 12:47 am
 Teaser for a new chapter of my long abandoned story... things have changed quite a bit:
He’s been here a long time and things had changed, Sebastian is now twenty two, or he appears to be. He’s gained a few inches of height, standing an imposing six foot two bare foot, and his features have lost some of their softness while losing none of their beauty, he’s angular, fine boned, sharp jaw and cheekbones, full lipped mouth, and he’s grown his glossy jet black hair long so that now it falls gleaming just past his waist. He’s still lean and androgynous, lips painted scarlet, eyes rimmed dark. But the most miraculous is the change in his demeanor, his previous self seems faded, a dream. Gone is the haunted look in his eyes, gone is his unsureness, he’s a phoenix up from the ashes. His bearing is elegant as he strides down the hall to his lover’s chamber, dressed in stiletto heels and a blood red corset, bustle and minuscule lace underwear, stockings and garters, stiletto heels and his hair curled and half up, adorned with an ostrich plume and flowers. Jareth is waiting, clad similarly, but in black rather than red, a miniature top hat perched on his elegant head, long black gloves and a riding crop in one hand.

Sebastian to the door, leaning seductively in its frame so that when it opens, Jareth has to collect himself for a moment, but he manages, despite the too beautiful for words man standing before him.
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